Apple Ipad Vs. Ipad Air 2


Is it worth passing from iPad Air 2 to the new Ipad? Let’s look at the features of the two Apple devices together. Let’s start by comparing the various physical characteristics:

As you can see the size is almost the same, unlike the thickness that is larger for the new iPad, this obviously entails a small increase in weight. Technologically, the differences are not many, at the processor level it goes from the A8X of the iPad Ipad 2 to the iPad A9 (to understand the same as the iPhone 6S). In terms of loading speeds, the difference is seen but is not so marked either because while the A8X is a tri-core, the A9 even though faster is a dual-core.

You may also notice a slight difference in the screen reflexes, as iPad Air 2 has a complete rolling and anti-reflection panel, the new iPad, despite the brighter display, does not incorporate the same anti-reflection solutions even a complete laminating panel . IPad and iPad Air 2 cameras are the same: the 8 megapixel rear with f / 2.4 aperture and the 1.2 megapixel front. The connectivity of the two devices is the same as support for WiFi ac dual band, Bluetooth 4.2 and LTE networks in cellular variants.

Final conclusions

Although the price of the new iPad has dropped dramatically, we are talking about 409 euros for a basic 32Gb WiFi model, in my opinion if you already have an iPad Air 2 upgrade it is not recommended to wait for the new Pro if you have a previous model And you want a device with good performance without spending too much then I highly recommend buying it.


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