Bowers&Wilkins P7 Wireless

How do new English headphones work? Mini review.

Opening the box we find the headphones, the manual, a 2.5 mm 3.5 mm wireless cable without remote control, the carrying case. The bluetooth 4.1 also has the APTX codec for better sound quality even without cable, but in order to be able to enjoy it, even the matched device has the same APTX codec. To do the paring, headset on must hold down the slip button for 2 seconds. Blinking the blue light of a sound will indicate that the P7 is in pairing mode. At this point, the headset can be attached to the device. The coupling is immediate and takes place without any problems. The declared battery life is 17 hours and at medium volume the declared value is fairly faithful and the recharging time is quite short.

They are lightweight (322 gr.) not uncomfortable thanks to the care in detail and the use of extremely comfortable materials, the skin used is really comfortable and the design is great. They do not have an active Noise Reduction system but sincerely do not even feel the need because the pavilion perfectly surrounds the ear by isolating it from the outside, I use it in train and in average volume I really find it hard to hear external noise.

We come to the sound quality, the dynamics of these headphones is really great, the mid bass is really top and the voices are great, overall sound cleanup is remarkable, certainly always compared to headphones of the same class and above all price. Here is the price, the launch price is 399 euros, but on Amazon you can find something less.

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