Mac Book Pro 13″ with Touch Bar

Review of the new Mac Book Pro 13 “with Touch Bar version i5 2.9GHz with 512Gb disk after about a month of use. The first question that comes to us at this product (in addition to the perplexity regarding the price) is if The Touch Bar is a more useful element or just an aesthetic and unhelpful addition to marketing issues.

Technical specifications

The 28 watt Core i5-6267U Skylake CPU has about 10% more performance on the 15-watts of the other non-touch bar model, but just because it can consume more, it can also turn to maximum performance for as long as needed An advantage in long and challenging operations that is not negligible. The same applies to the Iris 550 GPU; It changes slightly from the Iris 540 (200 MHz, 48 EU and 64 MB eDRAM – which is a big advantage over integrated GPUs in the past years) but a dedicated fan makes it better manage.

Lala RAM is of the fastest type of LPDDR3 (2133 MHz) while the battery is 49.2 Wh, in a Netflix use the autonomy is about 6-7h while for social use the autonomy becomes little more than 13 hours .


Starting from the assumption that for a daily use even a touch screen at this time is virtually useless especially if you have a touch pad level like that of the Move Mac Book Pro. The small touch screen pad is really huge and very accurate, despite its size when writing is practically never pressed by the wrists by fake shifts. The touch bar at this time, where application developers are a bit adapting To this new feature, it does not seem to be such a useful feature not only for the functions implemented but also because to be able to use it you must necessarily dislodge the screen and this maneuver sometimes takes longer to do the same with the functions of the On-screen menus. Maybe in the future, getting used to it, and perhaps even simplifying, will turn the factors and it will be easier to use the touch bar, we’ll see … Different speech for the Touch ID, really useful, from the moment I tried it I can not More to do without even because it is never wrong and is rather reactive.

The Mac book pro 2016 is really fast either to upload programs or to process photos or videos, the aesthetics is definitely top, the line is fantastic, the weight is not feather but being an aluminum unibody and not having various plastics you can even understand . There is no cracking of any kind, stability is perfect and important, when leaning against a flat surface you can open it with a single finger.

The fans do not feel cold and the temperatures rise only when massive video type is used, the maximum temperature under the keyboard is slightly less than 40 ° C under the worst conditions.

Everything is fantastic apart from the price that of course it is top. But if you have the chance, though the hardware is not really brand new, some windows computers are already equipped with a 7th generation (5-7) processor, which say …. a mac book pro is always a mac book pro ….

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