Qnap NAS Ts-251a

The TS-251A provides the innovative USB QuickAccess port that allows you to quickly complete the first-time NAS installation and to then directly access files and data stored on the NAS. Let’s start by looking at the device’s technical specifications

Construction and materials are good on tact to look solid. Inserting and unhooking disks is fast and intuitive and the other are numbered and it is impossible to mistake it is also supported to replace one disk at a time so you can upgrade your disks securely. In the initial configuration the system is set to RAID 1 or a disk equal to the other, so if I insert 2 2-Tb disks I see only 2Tb the other 2 are nothing but a “backup” copy.

The fans are very silent and even at night they do not feel, but the classic noise of a disc feels when reading (I used the WD red) which however does not recommend placing it in the bedroom unless it is disabled For nighttime hours so as to also preserve the life of the disks themselves. The initial configuration is very simple, just plug the network cable into the router and follow the steps for initializing the QTS 4.2 (embedded Linux) system. Let’s say that initially things are easy then to manage the enormity of functions that can be done it needs to be a little more obscure but most of them do not serve in basic use.

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